Dreams are my reality

What I cannot bear is the next failure in my love affairs . . . too tired of all that mess and troubles and torture . . . I am definitely sure that I don’t need these anymore . . . love seems good but not for me as I don’t know how to treat it, at least I was never taught how to treat it. Sweet for others became bitter and chili for me. I don’t know the reason of it and I have no mood to seek for reasons, no time for that; too many games were played and guess who was a toy in these games? Quite easy! it was always me. So that’s the reality I hate.

I love dreaming. I find my peace in them. I am a terrible, terrible dreamer. It isn’t good of course but dream is the bed I can rest in, the place where I feel real myself and I don’t want anybody to disturb me. I hate when someone knocks at my dream door.

So please just leave me alone with my dreams if you’re not sure of fulfilling these dreams.

Theme from “La Boum”


Dreams are my reality

A different kind of reality

I dream of loving in the night

And loving seems alright

Although it’s only fantasy


If you do exist

Honey don’t resist

Show me a new way of loving

Tell me that it’s true

Show me what to do

I feel something special about you

Link for download La Boum


10 comments on “Dreams are my reality

  1. life is the one big pain, ასე რომ მალე დაგჭირდება, ვერ გაექცევი : )

    და მართლა, ეს ქუცნა ვინ არის, ეხლა დავინტერესდი :დ

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